CANCELLED: Server Upgrade on Dec. 29th beginning at 3am EST

Dear Community,

Digication is planning a server upgrade on December 29th beginning at 3am EST. The service will be unavailable for up to 24 hours as we make this important improvement.

As part of this planned server upgrade Digication's IP addresses will be changing. We urge you to review the following and forward it to your IT department.

This update may affect you if any special network configuration was put in place as part of setting up Digication, Single Sign On with Digication, or network / routing optimization at your school. If you have previously customized your configuration to work with Digication's existing IP addresses, any such configuration will need to be updated for this upgrade.

Rather than providing new IP addresses, we are encouraging our technical contacts to work with us to find solutions that will not rely on IP addresses directly. In most cases a domain name based solution will be able to fulfill the same needs. We are available to help IT staff with any questions they may have about changes to their configurations.

Here are the existing IP addresses you may be configured for:

Please forward this information to your IT department and contact with any questions or concerns.


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