What are Imports?

What is an import?

An import is a term that refers to the uploading of a CSV (an Excel format) file containing specially formatted data allowing a school to manage their Digication users, courses, and groups in a semi-automated manner. This is sometimes referred to as a "batch creation" or "batch uploading" because all of a school's data can be updated at one time. If your Digication account includes administration access, you can create your own import file in Excel and upload it to our system yourself. Another common method of data import is through a script set up by your school to synchronize your Digication data to your school's registration system.

Where do I upload my import?

If you are an administrator, click on the "Administration" link in the top navigation, and then click on the "Import" section on the subsequent page. There are two types of imports available, so be sure to read the instructions before beginning.

What should be included in our daily import?

The group data is dynamic and can be modified by import, or manually at any time. You are free to send the entire roster for a group each day, since people who are already in the group will not be re-added. To you remove people from a group, the import must contain the appropriate remove commands.

Most commonly the import includes the full list of users, the full list of courses, the full course enrollment, and the full membership for each group. Additionally, the import should provide removal instructions for each user who was removed from a course or group since the last import, and deletion instructions for any users or courses needing to be permanently deleted.

What happens when a student drops a class?

Class enrollment is handled the same way as group enrollment (the import has instructions for add and remove; duplicate or redundant commands are ignored).

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