Blackboard Users: Known Issues

Below, you'll find information on Blackboard Integration issues and their suggested solutions.  

Problem: Logging in or Accessing Digication Through Blackboard:Internet Explorerusers experience error messages.

Solution:Switch to the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. As always, make sure javascript and cookies are enabled and that you have a Flash player installed for your web browser.

Problem: Editing or Saving (Has Not Accepted Digication Terms and Conditions):If you try to access Digication through Blackboard and have never logged into your school's Digication page (, or if your school has updated their terms and conditions recently, you will need to accept the terms and conditions before using Digication.

Solution: Login through your school's Digication homepage, and accept the terms and conditions.

Our engineers are working on better solutions for the problems above and we'll update this page as they are resolved or new bugs are discovered!

We apologize for the difficulties as we resolve these issues!

Having a problem you don't see here? Please contact us at and let us know the details!

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