Digication is back online, 4/18/12 8:36am - full description of system status

Dear User Community,

Digication is back online. The system is healthy. There was no data loss as of 11:55pm EST on 4/17/12. Your community should not experience any additional difficulties accessing the service. If you do experience any problems please contact our help desk at support@digication.com.

We are very sorry for the downtime your community experienced. The technical problems we encountered began around 12am EST on 4/18/12. They were best resolved by taking the system offline so that we could thoroughly investigate the problem and make necessary changes. We wanted to take every precaution to ensure that that the system was stable and ensure the integrity of all end users' data.

We have identified that a complex database query slowed down the system. We have fixed the database query that was causing the issue and restored the database. 

The process took several hours but now all data up to 11:55pm EST on 4/17/12 is in place and the system is back online. We have created additional checks for these complex queries to prevent a problem like this from occurring in the future.

Again, we are very sorry for the technical problems and for the disruption the downtime caused your community.

Kind regards,
Your Friends at Digication

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