Upgrading to the New Dashboard

If your school has not upgraded to the new dashboard for all users, you still have the ability to opt-in and give the new tool a test drive before it becomes standard across all systems.

Upgrading to the New Dashboard from the 'Sneak Preview' Notification

Users of the standard dashboard may see a yellow box above the regularly available items informing them that Digication will be moving towards a more streamlined interface. There is a link that allows them to activate the new feature for their account only.

Upgrading to the New Dashboard from the User Profile

Users can also activate the new dashboard for their accounts while editing their profiles. To edit one's profile, a user can click on their name in the upper right-hand of the screen after "Welcome."

Click on 'Check out our experimental features'

Click on 'Enable New Dashboard'


Once "Enable New Dashboard," is green and has a check mark next to it, click on the "Save," button to save your changes and be returned to the dashboard in it's new view.

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