Introduction to Modules

The building blocks of an ePortfolio in Digication, modules provide areas for you to add images, movies, text, and links to websites or files within any section or page of the portfolio. More than one module can be added to a section or page, which allows users full control over how their content is displayed.

Adding a Module

Whenever a new section or page is created in a Digication ePortfolio, a module selector will appear showing all of the modules available for use with descriptions for each. To add a module to a section or page, simply select the module you wish to add based on the content you wish to share and click on the "Add This Module" icon.

Types of Modules

Some of the modules available include:

  • Rich Text
  • Image/Video
  • Gallery (for multiple images or videos)
  • Contact Form

Here's a description of each:

Rich Text Module 

The Rich Text module provides a rich text area that can contain formatted text and display links, files, and images in-line. This is the most flexible and often-used module in the lineup.

Image/Audio/Video Module

The 'Image/Audio/Video' module allows you to display a single large piece of media, such as an image (1), a movie (2), or an audio file (3).

Contact Form Module 

For added security and to avoid unsolicited e-mails, the Contact Form module enables you to be contacted through your e-Portfolio by email without publishing your email address.

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