Assigning Users to Administrative Groups Using the Group CSV Import

The Group Import CSV can be used to:

  1. Create new groups
  2. Enroll users within groups
  3. Delete users from groups

Generate a Group Import CSV

Using any standard spreadsheet editing software, you're going to create a CSV with 3 columns that correspond to the fields necessary for creating a group and adding users to it in batches. You can start by adding [group] to the first cell of the document (A1), which designates the type of import when the file is being uploaded.

Description of fields/columns

The Group import has no headers above the data. Your data will begin on Row 2 of the file, directly under the [Group] tag.

There are three fields in a Group import:

1. Group name - if the group does not already exist, it will be created with this name.
2. User SyncID (aka Account ID) - this should exactly match the User SyncID assigned to the user to be added to the group.
3. Delete flag - enter "1" to delete the user from the group, or enter "0" to add the user to the group.
After you have added all of your data, save your file as a .csv and you are ready to upload.

Go to the Administration tab

Once your CSV is correctly formatted and ready to go, you'll want to head over to the "Administration" tab to upload it.

Click on Import

Select "Upload"

Check off "Use Debug Mode" before selecting and uploading your CSV

The "Logs" Page

After a standard CSV, you'll be brought to the "Logs" page where you'll be able to see how many imports have been attempted and how many entries within those imports have been successful.

Refresh to view your results

After refreshing, you'll be able to view the results of your import once it's complete and then adjust or re-upload accordingly. Keep in mind that for large data imports, you'll have to wait a few moments before this information becomes available.

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