How does Digication work with Shibboleth?

For schools that are interested in authentication integration using Shibboleth, we will need the following configuration information:

  • EntityID of your IdP 
  • Additional attributes we will need returned along with each login: 
    • A permanently unique identifier (usually uid)
    • First name (usually givenName)
    • Last name (usually sn)
    • Username (usually eduPersonPrincipalName)
    • Email (usually mail)
    • groups (usually eduPersonScopedAffiliation)
    • name of the faculty group to determine if a user should have "faculty" rights. (usually "faculty")
  • CertFingerprint from your IdP. CertFingerprint can be calculated from your Shibboleth IdP certificate this way: 
    • cat idp.crt | openssl x509 -fingerprint | grep SHA1 | sed "s/^[^=]*=//g" | sed "s/://g"

Please contact to obtain the metadata URL from Digication. 

Ensure that your signing method is SHA1 and that the attributes needed are properly released and named.

Attached is the latest self-signed certificate we use:

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