My ePortfolios (Standard)

Viewing Your ePortfolios

My ePortfolios is where you'll be able to see all of the ePortfolios that you've created, and any ePortfolios which you've been given editor, publisher or administrator access to. Simply click on the name of the ePortfolio to begin viewing and editing it.

Filtering ePortfolios by Role

Clicking on the list icon next to "My ePortfolios" or the text itself allows users the ability to filter which ePortfolios are listed in this area of the dashboard by the following criteria:


  • Created by me - Shows only the ePortfolios created by the user.
  • Shared with me - Shows only the ePortfolios that have been shared directly (not through courses) with the user.
  • Subscription - Shows only the ePortfolios that have been subscribed to by the user,


  • Admin - Shows ePortfolios that the user has administrative access to.
  • Editor - Shows ePortfolios that the user has editing access to.
  • Publisher - Shows ePortfolios that the user has publishing access to.
  • Viewer - Shows the ePortfolios the user has been given viewing access to.

Once filters are selected, they are automatically saved; when users return to their home pages, they always have the same portfolios listed.

Filtering ePortfolios by Course

Users can also view ePortfolios according to the courses with which they've shared them.

Creating a New ePortfolio

New ePortfolios can be created easily by clicking on the "Create" button within My ePortfolios. For more information on the process of creating a new ePortfolio, go toCreating a New ePortfolio

The Show All Tab

By default, the maximum number of ePortfolios to be displayed using any given set of filters in the "My ePortfolios," area is 10. If you have more than 10 ePortfolios set to display, then you'll click on the "Show All" button for them to appear in addition to the 10 already viewable.

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