Adding Media (Images, Video and Audio) to an ePortfolio

Adding media using a Rich Text Module

Rich text modules allow for users to put media in line with text. You can upload images, video, and audio files to add additional value to your ePortfolio.

Edit the Rich Text Module


Place your cursor where you want the image to appear

Click the "Insert Media" button

Click the "Choose File," button

Locate and Upload your media

Select your alignment options (images only) and insert your media

Click the 'Save' button and publish

 Reminder: 'Save' will only save the content within the module; it will not be viewable by others until you publish it.

Adding media using the Image/Video/Audio Module

The Image/Video/Audio module is used to upload media files in their own module within the page, absence of any text. This is especially useful for things such as PDFs, so that they display neatly and can be zoomed in on or viewed in full-screen.

Select an Image/Video/Audio module to the page or section of your ePortfolio where you wish to display the content

Click on 'Edit,' (1) within the module, followed by 'Replace This Media' (2)

What's the difference between "Replace This Media with Large Video (Beta)" and "Replace this Media"?

"Replace this Media" supports AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, SWF, and WMV files with a maximum file size of 20mb. These videos are played back on your web browser using the Quicktime plugin and can be set up to be downloaded by other users.

"Replace This Media with Large Video (Beta)" supports a wider range of file types up to 1gb in size and are transcoded to have a wider scope of playback compatibility.

Choose your media source


You have three options when inserting media on your ePortfolio:

  • From My Computer - Files saved locally on your computer can be uploaded to your ePortfolio
  • Media From Web - Allows you to upload files from linked services such as Brightcove, Flickr, Google Video, Photobucket, SchoolTube, TeacherTube, Ustream, YouTube, Vimeo, Scribd, Viddler, BU buniverse. and Prezi.
  • Media From Web (New) - Allows for a huge variety of externally hosted media to be embedded within the ePortfolio with a URL or embed code; this is the option Digication suggests you use first when embedding externally hosted media .

Finalize and Publish Your Work


Regardless of which source you choose to embed from, clicking on the 'Done' button after making your selection will place the media within the module in your page. The last step to make this available to your viewers is just to click on the "Publish," tab to publish the module.

Adding media to the Gallery Module

Select a Gallery module to the page or section of your ePortfolio where you wish to display the content

Go to the 'Edit' tab and select the 'Add Media' button


Select and upload your files before clicking 'Done' at the bottom of the popup window

Click 'Done' and publish when ready

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