Usernames & Passwords

In Digication, usernames and passwords are either assigned to users by the school or managed through the institution's single sign-on process by integrating with other authentication systems.

Logging in with a standard username and password

Once a user has received their login credentials by email or in person, they can access Digication by going to the school's login page. Login pages usually start with "https://" followed by the school's domain and ending with ""

If you are unsure of the address for your school's Digication login page, please refer to your school's ePortfolio orientation materials or contact for assistance.

Logging in with Single Sign-On

If your school has integrated Digication with their own internal authentication process (single sign-on), then you will not see fields for a username or password on your school's login page. Instead, you'll see a simple button labelled "Log In," that will redirect you to your school's sign-in portal. There, you will sign in using your school account credentials. Upon a successful sign in, you will be redirected back to Digication where you will be logged in and taken to your dashboard view.

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