Creating and Editing Sections

Sections are the top level organization of ePortfolios.

Creating Sections

Click on the "Add/Edit" tab next to "View Sections"

Click on the "Add Section" button

Type in a name for the new section and click "Save"

Viewing Your New Section

After clicking the "Save," button, your new section will be created and you will be inside of it. From here you'll be able to add modules for text, images and multimedia. You can also add pages to the section as well. For information on how to add pages to a section, please seeCreating and Editing Pages

Editing Sections

Click on the "Add/Edit" tab next to "View Sections"

Click on the "Edit" icon next to the name of the section you wish to edit

Click on "Show Advanced"

Advanced Section Settings

Advanced settings for sections include the ability to change the section name (1), change or specify the section address (2), and hide sections (3). Once you've made the necessary changes to a section, click on the "Save," button for those settings to take effect.

Ordering and Re-Ordering Sections

You can change the order of sections by dragging and dropping a section to a new position. A yellow boundary box with a red dotted outline indicates the area where it may be dropped. 

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