Creating and Editing Pages

Pages in ePortfolios are created within the top level Sections. The following guide will show you how to create and edit pages.

Creating Pages

Click on the section that you want to add a page to

You'll know you're in the correct section because it will be the only section underlined.

Click on the Add/Edit button next to "View Pages"

This will make a yellow box appear with instructions on how to re-order and re-name pages.

Click on "Add Page"

Name your page

Click "Save"

After clicking the save button, you'll be brought to your newly created page and you'll see it underlined in the left side navigation. From here you'll be able to add content via modules like you would in any section. For more information on how to add modules to pages and sections, please seeAdding Text, Media & Files to ePortfolio

Editing Pages

Click on the Add/Edit button next to "View Pages"

This will make the same yellow box with instructions on how to re-order and re-name pages appear again.

Click on the "Edit" icon next to the page you want to edit

Page name:

Afte clicking on the edit button. the first thing you'll see is a field for the page's name, which you can edit. For more options, you can click on the "Show Advanced," link directly below the name field.

Show Advanced

The "Show Advanced" menu allows you to do the following:

Change your page address by typing in the available field.

  • Hidethe page. This makes it visible only to the owner/administrators of an ePortfolio.
  • Collapseany subpages you create and place below the page being edited.
  • Turn the page into aheading, meaning that it will not be clickable but can be used to group the sub-pages contained within.

Once you've made the necessary edits to the page, you can click on the "Save," button for those changes to take effect.

Delete this page

The option to delete a page is available both in the regular edit and advanced edit menus. When a user clicks on the "Delete this page," link, a pop-up will appear warning the user that the action cannot be undone. This is important to keep in mind when editing and deleting pages within an ePortfolio.

Changing Page Order

Click on the Add/Edit button next to "View Pages"

Click and drag pages into place

You can change the order of pages by dragging and dropping a page to a new place in the sequence. You can also create a sub-page by dropping a page in an indented location.

Creating subpages

Pages can be converted into subpages by dragging them underneath the "parent," page that will act as a main page or header. Once subpages have been placed underneath a parent page, they can be collapsed underneath the parent page or the parent page can be turned into a header using the "Show Advanced," toolset.

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