My Courses, Communities and Assessment Groups (Standard)

Courses, Communities, and Assessment Groups are really text labels for groups of people within a school to communicate in a variety of ways. Upon logging in, a user will see all of the active (as indicated by their start and end date) courses, communities, and assessment groups they are currently enrolled in available under their appropriate headings. Older courses will only show when the "Show All," button is clicked.

My Courses

The "My Courses," area shows you which courses you're currently enrolled in that also have a course in Digication. Clicking on the title of a course will bring you to that course site where you'll be able to see activity notifications, upload work to assignments, and interact with other students and your faculty.

Assessment Groups

Assessment Groups are primarily used when there is a need to collect and assess student or faculty ePortfolios that don't fit under the umbrella of a course; for example, promotion and tenure ePortfolio review, student advising with ePortfolios, and program level specific assessments.


Communities are either used by groups of faculty or students that may be organized by graduation year, departments, or even clubs. Communities have access to all of the tools available within courses and assessment groups. Communities are also often used by groups of faculty in programs to share resources and ideas about their ePortfolio projects, create ePortfolio templates, and develop ePortfolio assignments together.

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