ePortfolio Pedagogy at the Course Level

Digication ePortfolios have the potential to enhance teaching in any field. By leveraging the ePortfolios platform, educators can create engaging course materials that can aid them in achieving their pedagogical goals.

The Digication ePortfolios can be used at all course stages: fromsyllabus, tocreating teaching materials that aid the comprehension ofthe concepts presented in lectures, toassignment-creationandassessment. This means that ePortfolios provide important support for educators’ efforts to plan their course and deploy effective teaching strategies by leveraging the pedagogical potential offered by capabilities such asmultimedia integration,linking,andsocial learning.

Due to their flexibility and pedagogical value, the Digication ePortfolios permit educators to manage their courses more easily than ever before. ePortfolios-enhanced courses benefit from increased ease of communication between teacher and students as well as an increased quality of communication. Faculty members can group students in different work-groups for specific pedagogical purposes, they can post and share with their class announcements whenever needed, and stimulate students to engage in social learning by augmenting discussions started in class with ePortfolio-based dialogical interactions about relevant course material.

A desirable outcome of designing and teaching courses by harnessing the power of Digication ePortfolios is that students report feeling more included in the pedagogical process and thus having more stakes in the success of a given course.

Here are some sample course-ePortfolios that showcase the potential of ePortfolio-based teaching:

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