ePortfolio Comments & Tags

Users have two methods of giving feedback within an ePortfolio; through comments and conversations. The following are instructions on how to leave feedback using comments on an ePortfolio.

Accessing the Feedback Area

To access the area where you're able to leave feedback on any page or section of an ePortfolio, simply click on the link at the bottom of the page that says "Show Comments and Tags".

Viewing and Contributing Comments & Tags

Contributing Tags to an ePortfolio

Tagging a page allows it to be categorized according to specific criteria along with ePortfolio pages. Tagging an ePortfolio page from within the "Leave Feedback" area is as simple as entering your tag in the available dialogue box and then clicking on the "Tag this page" button below it.

*Please note that this only works if the user has enabled tagging for their ePortfolio. For more information on the settings that determine this, please seeePortfolio Tags

Contributing Comments to an ePortfolio

Contributing comments to an ePortfolio is just as easy as adding a tag. Simply enter your comment in the provided dialogue box and then either click on the "Leave your comment" button, or click on "Other" and enter some alternative information before doing so if you wish to leave your comment with a different account or with added information such as an email and website address.

Viewing Your Comment

If the ePortfolio section or page that a user has contributed a comment to is set to accept all comments, or if that comment is approved, it will appear in the feedback area as indicated in the accompanying image.

Moderating and Approving Comments Received on an ePortfolio

If a user's ePortfolio or particular section or page within it is set to "not show comments until they have been approved" then once the comment has been submitted it will not appear under the "View Comments" tab, but rather under "Manage Comments" where red text will indicate how many unapproved comments are waiting to be approved or deleted.

The 'Manage Comments' Tab

Clicking on the "Manage Comments" tab will then show users a list of the approved comments and comments awaiting approval in the same list. Comments awaiting approval will have two buttons next to them: an "Approve" button and a "Delete" button.

  • Clicking on "Approve" will make the comment available to all who have viewing access to the ePortfolio.
  • Clicking on "Delete" will remove the comments from the list without allowing anyone else to see it.

Additionally, previously approved comments also have a "Delete" button, which the ePortfolio owner can use to remove them from the section or page of the ePortfolio if they no longer wish for these comments to be viewable by anyone else.

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