Using Conversations to Leave Feedback on an ePortfolio

Conversations is a tool which allows users to collaborate and discuss content more easily, and in real-time, within an e-Portfolio. Conversations can be enabled when first creating an ePortfolio, or by adding it later through the settings page. More more information on how to do this, please see ePortfolio Conversations

Submitting In-Line Feedback Using Conversations

Highlight the content you'd like to comment on


Enter your feedback into the dialogue under 'Discuss This'


Click on 'Send' to see your comment appear in the conversations tab

After a user comment has been entered and the "Save" button is clicked, the comment will now appear within the conversations tab where it will appear as the first in a thread on that particular piece of text. Others can add to the conversation by entering their own test into the empty dialogue box and clicking on the save button that appears within the tab.

Submitting Page-Level Feedback Using Conversations

In addition to being able to comment on a specific piece of text within a page of an ePortfolio, users can also create conversations on entire pages. To do so, simply click on the gray conversation tag on the side of the page to open the page level comments area where you can then enter text before clicking on the "Save" button to submit your page-level conversation.

Deleting Conversations

Whether it's an in-line or page-level conversation, individual comments can easily be deleted by hovering over them with a mouse and clicking on the small "x" that appears in the upper left hand corner of the text bubble.

Using 'Undo' to Un-Delete Comments

Page and in-line conversations will, after being deleted, generate an "undo?" prompt in place of the conversation tag in the event that deleting the comment was a mistake. Clicking "undo?" will return the comment back into the conversations tab.

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