What is the difference between a Digication e-Portfolio and a Course, Community or Assessment Group?


Digication e-Portfolios are essentially customizable websites that are created by students and faculty to showcase their work and ideas that can be used for a variety of purposes, including program e-Portfolios, project e-Portfolios, and career e-Portfolios. Some faculty use the e-Portfolios to share resources with students as part of their courses.  Our e-Portfolios have distinct sections, pages, and modules, which act as containers for different types of content, such as text, images, movies, sound files, and documents.  Students and faculty can choose how public or private they wish their e-Portfolio to be and who can view or edit it. They can also choose to allow comments on pages of their e-Portfolio. The e-Portfolios are shared within a school-wide directory so that students and faculty can browse and view all public e-Portfolios created by the community at their school.

Courses, Communities, and Assessment Groups:
Courses, Communities, and Assessment Groups are really text labels for groups of people within a school to communicate in a variety of ways. If your school has purchased the Assessment Management System, it can be enabled within any Courses, Communities, or Assessment Groups. Courses are primarily used for course communication between a faculty member and a group of students enrolled in a course. Communities are either used by groups of faculty or students that may be organized by graduation year, departments, or even clubs. Assessment Groups are primarily used by groups of faculty or administrators communicating about larger scale assessments. However, these are just examples; your school can choose to use these areas in a way that best fits your school.

The Courses, Communities, and Assessment Groups can all have the following:

  • A Discussion area, which is essentially a threaded forum for online discussions and sharing of resources
  • An Assignment area for students to submit work via an e-Portfolio or individual pages of an e-Portfolio for assessment (via written feedback and via rubric)
  • A Standards area where faculty can manage the standards that are associated with a course and view student alignment to standards
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