CAS Integration

For schools that would like to use CAS as the SSO solution for integrating with Digication, we will need the following configuration settings:

  • server:""
  • port:443
  • version:"SAML_VERSION_1_1"
  • context:"/cas"
  • unique_user_id_field: "employeeID" 
  • account_not_found_msg:"Your account does not exist. Please contact the Help Desk for assistance."
  • Logout URL

We will need at minimum the unique identifier attribute to be sent along with each login request, in order to log users in to existing accounts.

In order to create new accounts automatically, we would need to be able to map all of the following fields:

  • unique_user_id_field = cas-user (for example)
  • username = cas-user (for example)
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • email

Please contact to set up a staging environment as a first step.

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