How does Digication work with Shibboleth?

For schools that are interested in authentication integration usingShibboleth, we will need the following configuration information:

  • EntityID of your IdP 
  • Additional attributes we will need returned along with each login: 
    • A permanently unique identifier (usually uid)
    • First name (usually givenName)
    • Last name (usually sn)
    • Username (usually eduPersonPrincipalName)
    • Email (usually mail)
    • groups (usually eduPersonScopedAffiliation)
    • name of the faculty gruop to determine if a user should have "faculty" rights. (usually "faculty")
  • CertFingerprint from your IdP. CertFingerprint can be calculated from your Shibboleth IdP certificate this way: 
    • cat idp.crt | openssl x509 -fingerprint | grep SHA1 | sed "s/^[^=]*=//g" | sed "s/://g"

Please contact to obtain metadata URL from Digication

Ensure that your signing method is SHA256 and that the attributes needed are properly released and named.

Attached is the latest self-signed certificate we use:

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