e-Portfolio Backup and Organizer FAQ

I received a message from Digication that they have created backup e-Portfolio(s) for me. What does this message mean?

You received an e-Portfolio backup message because your e-Portfolio(s) may have been affected by a recent update that caused data display issues for some users. Backed-up versions of your e-Portfolio are provided so that you can access any information that is missing in your current e-Portfolio.

What should I do next?

  • Login to Digication 
  • You will see an alert at the top of your home page with links to additional information. 
  • Look at your “My e-Portfolios” section. You may see one or more backup e-Portfolios, as well as your original e-Portfolios. 
  • Digication has provided a new tool that will allow you to more easily move modules, pages and sections between e-Portfolios. Click on the link in the announcement to read the Help Guide or go to Digication e-Portfolio Organizer Help Guide.
  • Open the Organizer tool. 
  • Choose an original e-Portfolio and a backup version using the pull-down menus. You will be able to review them side-by-side. How do I know which pages of my e-Portfolio are affected? 
  • Affected pages and modules are indicated within the Organizer. An icon with a red indicator signifies backup content available. You can preview the affected pages from within the tool. The display issues you may notice include missing information or information showing up on the wrong page.
  • Some affected pages may appear untouched. “Invisible” changes include things like a shift in the datestamp or a missing empty module.

I looked at my e-Portfolio and it seems fine. What should I do?

  • If your e-Portfolio looks good and all of your links work then you don’t need to do a thing. 
  • Feel free to delete the backup or keep it as an archive, just be aware that if the backup is deleted it is deleted permanently.

How does the e-Portfolio Organizer work?

  • Within the Organizer you can choose to copy and/or move sections, pages and modules. 
  • Moving a section, page or module is an easy drag-and-drop from one e-Portfolio to another. 
  • All the contents of a section or page will move (or copy) with the section or page.

My original e-Portfolio has one or more empty modules. What should I do?

  • Locate the desired module in your backup e-Portfolio. 
  • Move the module (or copy and move the copy) into your original e-Portfolio onto the correct page, next to the original module. 
  • Preview your page and delete the original (empty) module.

My original e-Portfolio has modules displaying on the wrong page. What should I do?

  • Simply move the modules (or copy and move the copies) to their correct locations. 
  • Preview your pages and delete any incorrect modules that may remain.

If I need help restoring my e-Portfolio using the backed up version(s), whom can I contact for help? If you need help you can contact Digication support,support@digication.com.

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