Rubric Row and Overall Rubric Comments Now Available in Course Level Rubric Reports and Admin Level Assessment Reports

Greetings, friends! We have updates to rubric reports available. 

We are happy to announce that our course level and administrator level rubric reports now include the addition of overall rubric comments as well as per row rubric comments. This feature update makes it possible for you not only export your rubric scores but also any written feedback that may have been submitted for a more complete record of the assessment.

Updates for Faculty

Faculty may export the rubric reports for Teacher Rubrics and Standards Rubrics in the Course Settings tab to view the scores and comments for all the ePortfolio assignments.

Updates for Administrators

Administrators may view and export the rubric scores and comments in the Standards Assessment reports using the Interactive, HTML for Excel of CSV option.

We hope you find these additions helpful! Please contact us if you have any questions.

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