New & Improved Help Desk Articles

Dear Admins,

We’ve been hard at work updating our help desk documentation and have also been spending time reorganizing documentation based on user roles: student, faculty and administrators to help individuals find the most relevant information about Digication.

The updated help desk articles are now available for your community on the Digication Help Desk (

On January 31, 2017 we will be removing old articles from the help desk so that your community will not get confused by outdated documentation. If you are currently linking to specific articles on our help desk you will need to update the links prior to this date. However, if the links are not updated users will be presented a friendly message that the article no longer exists and will be able to navigate to other articles easily.

We will be continuing to add more articles and video tutorials to help our wonderful ePortfolio community learn more about Digication. To those who have submitted suggestions regarding documentation we appreciate it! Your feedback is so important to us.

Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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