Digication Feature Roadmap for 2016-2017

Happy 2016, friends!

We'd like to start the new year off with a hearty thank you to all of our customers! It's through your help in requesting, testing and troubleshooting new features that has enabled us to realize them as a standard part of Digication. We've also been working hard here, sorting and sifting through the many ideas and requests that we've received from you, our valued community members. At the end of this process, we've mapped out where a majority of our development efforts will go in the coming year.

Features to become Standard in 2016

In addition to this, a number of features that were previously available on an opt-in basis will be made standardized in 2016. These features are:

So What's Next?

In 2016, our three main areas of focus will be:

  1. Creating a brand new ePortfolio builder
  2. Providing native badge support
  3. Improving our assessment & reporting tools

The Full Roadmap

For a more detailed look at the trajectory of development here at Digication, please see the full roadmap below. 

Let us know what you think!

None of the progress we've made to this date would've been possible without the feedback we receive from our customers, so we kindly ask that you share your feelings about any of the items listed above and keep other requests coming! Send it all to support@digication.com

Kindest regards,
Your friends at Digication

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