ePortfolio Permissions

Selecting/Changing Permissions

The permissions area is were you'll decide who gets to see or edit your ePortfolio. "Private to me," makes it only viewable to you unless additional permissions are added for select users, courses or groups. "Private within Your School," makes your ePortfolio visible to everyone with access to Digication at your school. "Public," makes your ePortfolio available to the world and searchable by Google. Simply select the access you feel most comfortable with (you can always edit it later), unless you've been given specific instructions to share your ePortfolio with a professor or course, in which case you'll want to click on "Custom Permissions."

Custom Permissions

If you've been instructed by your professor to share your ePortfolio with a specific user, group, or course, this is where you're going to do that. Simply search for the individual or group and they will display in a drop-down where you can click on them and they'll be granted access to the ePortfolio. You can then choose what level of access you would like them to have.

  • Viewers can view your ePortfolio 
  • Editors can view and edit the ePortfolio content but can not publish changes
  • Publishers can view and edit the ePortfolio content and can also publish changes
  • Admins can view and edit the ePortfolio content, publish changes and also edit ePortfolio Settings
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