ePortfolio Comments

You have the ability to manage what type of feedback you're able to receive and display on your ePortfolio by changing the following settings:

Allow Comments From:

Selecting theNo one option removes the commenting feature from your ePortfolio.Registered usersallows only people from your school, or users you have added directly to your ePortfolio from another school using Digication, to leave comments.Anyoneallows any person who has viewing access to the ePortfolio (including the public if your ePortfolio is viewable to the public) to comment on it.

Show Comments:

Show comments immediatelydoes just that: once a comment is submitted by a user, it is available for viewing in the comments area of the ePortfolio.Do not show comments until they have been approved allows you to view and approve comments before they are visible. Do not show comments to viewersstops comments from displaying at all to viewers. Only those with editing access to the ePortfolio will be able to see the comments.

Note: When new comments are added you will receive an email notification. You can view the comment and approve it from the email. 

Apply comment settings to existing pages of this ePortfolio

You can check this off to make sure that all of the pages have the same comment settings, or you can change them page by page and have them vary.

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