ePortfolio Title

A good ePortfolio title makes it easy for users to find the right ePortfolio. Here are some tips on how to title your ePortfolio(s) as you become familiar with Digication: 

Include Your Name

Simply including your first and last name is the easiest and most effective way of creating an ePortfolio title that is easily recognizable and searchable. This is especially useful for integrative ePortfolios which include content from multiple semesters and courses.

Include Your Program or Major

In cases where you're being asked to create an ePortfolio for a specific major, it might make sense to indicate it within the title your ePortfolio. This way, you can separate it from your other ePortfolios if you have been asked to create multiple ePortfolios at any given time.

Include Your Course Name

In some instances, you'll be asked to create an ePortfolio that only contains content from a specific course. In this case, it will be best to include that course within the title of the ePortfolio to distinguish it from other ePortfolios.

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