Quick Start Guide to Creating an ePortflio

Upon logging in for the first time, the first thing you'll see is a section labeled "My ePortfolios." To create an ePortfolio, follow the steps below:

Click on the green "+" icon next to "My ePortfolios"

Add the title of your ePortfolio

For some best practices and naming conventions, please seeePortfolio Title

Choose a template

Templates are pre-made structures that give you a starting point to build off from instead of creating everything from scratch, your availability will vary by school. "Create from Scratch" allows you the most control over how your content is organized and is available by default, so let's select that.

Choose A Theme

If your school has a theme available for use that you like, you can select it here. Since we're creating an ePortfolio from scratch, you'll be using the default theme. The option "Use selected template's theme" will be checked off.

Select Permissions

The permissions area is where you'll decide who gets to see your ePortfolio as it's being created. "Private to me" makes it only viewable to you unless additional permissions are added for select users and groups. "Private within Your School" makes your ePortfolio visible to everyone with access to Digication at your school and "Public" makes your ePortfolio available to the world and searchable by Google. Simply select the access you feel most comfortable with and move on. If you've been given specific instructions to share your ePortfolio with a professor or course, you'll want to click on "Custom Permissions."

Custom Permissions

If you've been instructed by your professor to share your ePortfolio with a specific user, group, or course, this is where you're going to do so. Simply search for the individual or group and they will display in a drop-down where you can click on them and they'll be granted viewing access to the ePortfolio.

Enable or Restrict Tagging

Tags are keywords that you or others who have access to your ePortfolio can assign to the ePortfolio pages. They can make it easier to find individual pages of the e-portfolio when searching the ePortfolio directory. You can turn tagging on or off at any time, so select what you're comfortable with now and move on to the next step.

Choose Comments Settings

Comment settings allow you to choose who can comment on your work. Unless you've been given specific instructions regarding this by your faculty, you can select whatever options you're most comfortable with before moving onto the next step.

Enable or Disable Conversations

Conversations is a great feature that allows users to comment on specific portions of text within an ePortfolio and interact with each other through the portfolio. If this sounds like it might be useful to you, you can enable it. Otherwise you can simply click on "Create New ePortfolio" and you're done!

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