ePortfolio Web Address (URL)

Your ePortfolio web address (URL) is generated automatically as you title your ePortfolio. However, in some cases you might want to shorten the URL so that it's easier to share.

Editing your ePortfolio Web Address

When you first create an ePortfolio, underneath the field where you enter a title, you'll see an "Edit" button next to where your ePortfolio web address is displayed. Clicking on it will allow you to enter a custom URL of your choosing.

Ideas for Changing Your ePortfolio Web Address

As you'll see above, the automatically generated ePortfolio web address is basically the same as the title of the ePortfolio with 3 differences: it has no special characters, it substitutes spaces for underscores (_), and-as with all web URLs-is all lower case. You'll also see that it's pretty long. If you want to change your URL so that you can have a shorter more easily shareable link, here are some ideas on how to achieve that:

Using Your First Initial and Last Name

By simply opting to use your first initial followed by your last name, you can cut down on the length of your URL.

Removing Underscores

Removing the underscores that represent space will also help to tighten things up.

Removing the Word "ePortfolio" from the URL

Since anyone with your URL will know that what you're showing is an ePortfolio, you can choose to omit the work from the URL as well.

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