Adding an ePortfolio Template to a Course

Course template e-Portfolios are useful as a starting point for students building their own course e-Portfolios. Templates allow you to provide the initial style, organization, page structure, and content of an e-Portfolio to your students with one click.

Create an ePortfolio to be used as a template

To start with, you'll want to create the e-Portfolio template the same way you would create any normal ePortfolio (for a detailed walkthrough on how to do this, please see Creating a New ePortfolio) and then populate that ePortfolio with the necessary prompts and example images needed to convey what is required for the students.

Go to your course and click on the 'e-Portfolios' tab

Click on 'Add Portfolio'

Search for your template by name

You may notice that there is an option here to create a new portfolio to be used as a template as well. Doing this is okay as long as students do not have access to the course. We do not recommend using this option if students do have access due to the fact that if a student prematurely creates an ePortfolio from a template that has not been finalized, the changes made to the ePortfolio template by the faculty will not reflect in the student's ePortfolio.

Click the 'Add' button next to the appropriate template

Click and select 'Yes' underneath the option for 'Template:'

Click on the 'Save' button

After selecting "Yes" to offer the ePortfolio to users as a template, click on the "Save" button to finalize it.

Once made available as a template, the ePortfolio will then be the first listed in the "ePortfolios" tab. Students will create their ePortfolios using the tempalte by clicking on the button next to it labelled, "Create ePortfolio from Template". After clicking on the button they will be taken to the ePortfolio settings page where they will name their ePortfolio and then select their tagging settings before clicking the "Save" button at the bottom of the page to create the ePortfolio and have it shared with the course automatically.

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