Adding and Using Standards within a Course

Click on the 'Standards' tab within a course

Click the 'Add/Edit Standards' button within the Assignments tab

If there are no standards listed, there will also be an "Add Standard," button in the lower part of this screen as well. Both buttons will bring you to the necessary area to add standards.

Click on 'All Standards' to find the appropriate standards set you wish to add from

After selection the set, be sure to click on the "Go" button to the right of these options.

Click the 'Add' button next to the standard you want to add to the course

Once added, the standard will appear above the list underneath "Standards in Your Class:"

Select the rubric to use with the standard

Standard and rubric selections are saved automatically. Once the standards have been added with or without rubrics, the next step is to add these standards to assignments.

Go the the assignment tab and select the assignment you want to add the standard to

Add a 'Standards' step to the assignment workflow

Specify the submission step being evaluated

Select the standard you'd like added to the assignment

Faculty aren't limited to using only one standard per assignments. Multiple standards can also be selected. When you're done, click the "Save" button underneath your selections to add the standard to the assignment.

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