Using the Gradebook Features in Digication

Creating a Gradable Discussion

Create a new discussion in the 'Discussions' tab in your course

Click on the "Choose categories..." button

Click on the "Choose categories..." button

Check off the appropriate categories and then scroll down to 'Who can reply to this?'

Any discussion, regardless of the categories specified, can be made gradable. Simply select which categories work best for your course.

Check off 'Yes, this is gradable, add to gradebook'

Once you've selected to make the assignment be gradable, you'll then need to specify whether students should be able to view their own grades, and what the maximum points and relative weight for the assignment are.

Click on the 'Back' button and then 'Save' the discussion

After clicking on the back button you will be brought back to the body of the discussion where you will now see that it indicates the post is gradable (1) and you are able to save the post/assignment (2) to make it available for students to reply to and receive grades for.

Viewing and Grading Student Replies

Viewing student posts and grading them is super easy in Digication. Simply go to your course and go through the following steps:

After reading the student's reply, simply enter a grade in the small box underneath the time stamp before clicking on the 'Save' button

And that's it! Once the "Save" button is clicked, the assignment will appear in the gradebook. Grades also can be changed by returning to the student reply and entering a new grade before saving again.

Accessing and Using the Gradebook within a Course

Go to the 'Settings' tab within your course

Scroll down towards the bottom of the page and select 'Gradebook'

It'll be between "Users" and "Discussions"

Once you're in the gradebook you'll see the following items are available to view and edit:

  1. The grades you've input already will be editable by within the cell and changing the value before clicking on the "Save" button.
  2. Grade information will display in the "Grade" window for each student when clicking within a grade cell.
  3. "Assignment Details" allows for faculty to change the maximum points for the assignment as well as their relative weight.
  4. The "Update" button saves any and all changes made to the assignment details.
  5. A "Notes" field allows for faculty to add specific notes to each grade for record keeping.
  6. "Calculate Average By" under "View Settings" allows faculty to change how averages display within the grade book; by percentage or by letter.
  7. "Average from" under "View Settings" allows faculty to specify whether the calculated average is taken from all assignments or only those that have been graded.
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