e-Portfolio Comments

e-Portfolio comments are a great way to give and receive support, feedback, and ideas from your peers. Comments can be added to the bottom of any page of your e-Portfolio. 

To leave a comment on an e-Portfolio page, scroll to the bottom of the page and type your comment into the text box shown under "Leave A Comment". Then click the "Leave your comment" button.

If the e-Portfolio has been setup to approve comments immediately, they will display at the bottom of the page right away. Some e-Portfolios, however, have been setup so that the e-Portfolio owner will approve comments before they show on the e-Portfolio page. Some e-Portfolio owners also choose to keep the comments private. 

In your e-Portfolio Comment Settings tab, you can choose if you would like to receive comments from the school community (Registered Users) or from the public (if you have a public e-Portfolio) in any page of your e-Portfolio. 

If you have received a comment on your e-Portfolio you will receive an email notification (if your Digication account has an email address associated with it). You will be able to approve the comment using a link in the email or by going to the page where the comment was added. Just click the Manage Comments tab and then click the Approve button. You can also choose to delete a new or previously approved comment by clicking the "Delete" button in this area. 

You can see all the comments that have been added to your e-Portfolio and also approve comments in the e-Portfolio site map page. 

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