Embedding Animated GIFs Within ePortfolios

Digication only supports non-animated GIFs using the regular media uploading option within rich text and Image/Video/Audio modules. However, using the "Media From Web (New)" option allows users the ability to embed an animated GIF from Giphy and other sources.

How to Embed a GIF from Giphy

First, search for the GIF you'd like to use and click on it so that the permanent link shows up in the address bar.

Then, either insert a Rich Text or Image/Video/Audio module on the page you'd like the GIF to display.

Within a Rich Text Module

  • Click on the "Insert Media" button and select the "Media From Web (new)" tab as shown below.
  • Once here, simply paste the Giphy URL into the field directly underneath the text that says "Please provide a URL or embed code you want to embed"
  • You can then click on "Preview" and the GIF will display in a box below the URL as shown above. 
  • Clicking on "Done" will place the item in your Rich Text module but you'll notice that all that you'll see is a yellow box as shown below.
  • This is because the plugin does not display the content while in editing mode. Be sure to save and publish your module and then you'll be able to view your animated GIF by clicking on the "View Text" tab or looking at the published view of your ePortfolio.

Using the Image/Video/Audio Module

Unlike embedding within a Rich Text module, the Image/Video/Audio module will always show the embedded content regardless of which view you're in.

  • To embed a GIF using this method you simply need to add a new Image/Video/Audio module to the section or page the ePortfolio where you want it to display.
  • Once the module appears within the ePortfolio, you'll want to click on the button that says "Replace This Media" as shown below.
  • You'll then need to navigate to the same "Media From Web (new)" tab described above in the previous instructions.
  • Paste the Giphy URL into the field directly underneath the text that says "Please provide a URL or embed code you want to embed"

  • You can preview the GIF once pasted, or you can click on "Done" to place it in the module without previewing first.
  • The animated GIF will now display within the newly created Image/Video/Audio module but notice the red bar at the top which says "DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes." This is here to remind you publish the module.
  • Once you've published the module or page, you're all set!

If you have any questions about this feature or run into any trouble while trying the steps above, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@digication.com for further assistance.

Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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