Creating a school-wide template

Templates allow the students and faculty at a school to get a head start creating their e-Portfolios by providing the initial style, page structure and content for a e-Portfolio with as little as a single click.  

As an administrator, you can provide templates to your Digication users by following these steps:

1.  Create the e-Portfolio template the same way you would create any normal e-Portfolio -- click Create Portfolio on the dashboard, and choose the name and style information that you would like the template to have.  (Make a note of the new e-Portfolio's web address (url) before you click Create.  You will need it in step 3)

2. Add pages and content to the e-Portfolio.  Fill out the page structure with example images, example text, and even instructions for students or faculty to follow to turn the initial content into a well-organized e-Portfolio of their own.  Be sure to publish your changes or your users won't see them.  

3. Make the template available to your users.   You can do this from the Administration interface by clicking "Administration" at the top, and then "e-Portfolios" and "Templates".  Add the url of your template e-Portfolio, and users will be able to choose it when creating portfolios of their own.

Note: Anyone can create an e-Portfolio to be used as a template.  Only step 3 requires admin access, so the admins don't have to do all the work!

Users will see something like this when they begin creating a portfolio:

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