Creating an e-Portfolio structure

Organizing your e-Portfolio

Creating Sections and Pages

Before adding content to your e-Portfolio, plan the structure of your e-Portfolio. Remember that you can create more than one e-Portfolio within your account, so you do not need to fit all your projects or content into one e-Portfolio.

Ask yourself: What sections would best represent the work, information, topics, or achievements that you will present in your e-Portfolio? Within each section, what pages will you need to organize your content?

You can modify these sections and pages later, but you need an initial structure to get started. 

Adding and Editing Sections

To add or edit your e-Portfolio sections, make sure you are viewing your e-Portfolio in Edit Mode. Then click the "Add/Edit" tab. To add a new section, click on the "Add Section" button at the right on the Add/Edit tab. 

In the Section name field, enter the title of the section you are adding, and click the Save button. To add another section, click the Add Section button again. You may add as many sections as you need.

To add sections with customized Web page addresses or sections that you do not want 
to display within the e-Portfolio (Hidden Sections), click the "Show Advanced" link. 

To customize the Web page address of the section you are adding, complete the 
displayed Section address. 

To hide the section, click the Hide this page check-box. 

To return to the page at which you can add sections without customized Web addresses, click the Hide Advanced link. 

To edit an existing section, click the icon to the right of that section name at the bottom of the page. 

Changing the order of sections

You can change the order of sections by dragging and dropping a section to a new place in the sequence. A yellow boundary box with a red dotted outline indicates the area where it may be dropped. 

Adding Pages

To add e-Portfolio pages: 
1. Make sure the Edit tab is highlighted. 
2. In the View Sections area, click the section to which you want to add pages.
3. In the View Pages area, click the Add/Edit tab. The section name appears at the top and individual pages appear below the section name. To add a new page, click the Add Page button at the right. 
4. Enter the page name, and click the Save button. 

To add another new page, click the Add Page button again. 

Editing Pages

To edit an existing page, click the icon to the right of the page name. 

Changing the order and priority of pages:
You can change the order of pages by dragging and dropping a page to a new place in 
the sequence. You can also create a sub-page by dropping a page in an indented 

To add customized Web page addresses to pages, hide pages that you do not want 
to display within the e-Portfolio, collapse subpages, or make a heading, click the "Show Advanced" link. 

To customize the Web page address of the page you are adding, complete the 
displayed Page address

To hide the page, click the Hide this page check-box. 

To collapse sub-pages, click the Collapse check-box. If you have many sub-pages this will create a more streamlined navigation, but will increase the number of clicks your viewers must make to reach your content.

To make a page title into a heading, click the Heading check-box. This will make the page non-clickable.

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