Editing an Image/Video/Audio Module

To edit an Image/Video/Audio module, click its edit tab. 

Click the "Replace This Media" button to get started. A "My Assets" window will pop-up. Then, you have two options: adding a file from your computer, or adding a file from the web.

To add a file from your computer, click the "Browse for Media" button on the (default) "From my Computer" tab. This allows you to find and select the file on your computer. 

To add a video from a website like Google Video, go to the "Media From Web" tab. Select the video site and enter the URL. Images will help you locate the information you need to provide.

Remember that you need to publish a module or page if you want your viewers to see your latest changes. You can publish using the Publish tab on top of the module or the Publish All button on top of the page. If you do not see these, you do not have permission to publish.

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