School-wide e-Portfolio Themes

School-wide e-Portfolio themes are provided by the administrators of a Digication system and allow users to choose ready-to-go styles for their e-Portfolios. 

To update the themes for your school, please send us a zip file containing:

1. a folder named with the subdomain of your school (e.g. yourschool for
2. any number of subfolders within subfolders representing the category tree for your school's themes
- folder names may contain capital letters. Spaces should be replaced with underscores.
3. within any category folder, any number of theme folders. A theme folder contains:
- One file with the extension .css containing the theme's css styles
- One jpg, gif or png containing the word "banner" in its name to be used as the header image for the theme
- The header image may be up to 779 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall
- One 100x100 jpg, gif or png containing the word "thumb" in its name to be used as an icon representing the theme. We recommend a scaled down screenshot of an e-Portfolio with the theme applied
- Any number of image files referenced by the css file
- An optional plaintext file called "name" (no file extension) containing the name of the theme. If not provided, the name of the theme folder will be used.

We are able to make updates to themes after they have been added for the purpose of fixing problems with a theme, or re-categorizing a theme, but do not recommend making significant changes to a theme since this will affect all previous users who have selected that theme for their e-Portfolio.

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