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Digication e-Portfolio Organizer Help Guide

As you update your e-Portfolio you may want to use the Organizer to reorganize the sections, pages and modules. You can also use the Organizer to duplicate sections, pages and modules and to change the order of any of your sections, pages and modules.

If you have multiple e-Portfolios, you may also copy and move sections, pages and modules across e-Portfolios. If you have backup e-Portfolios available this tool can also be used to restore any missing information.

Where do I access the e-Portfolio Organizer?

Click on any e-Portfolio listed in the My e-Portfolios area of your Digication homepage after you have logged in.

Then click on the Portfolio Tools drop-down menu near the top right of the page. Then in the Portfolio Tools menu click on the Organizer option.

Ok, I’ve got the Organizer open, now what?

Now that you’ve got the Organizer open select the e-Portfolios you’d like to organize. You can select one or two e-Portfolios from the drop-down menus.

After the e-Portfolios are selected from the drop-down menus, you will see the overall structure of your e-Portfolio appear as a tree with all the sections, pages and modules it contains.

What do the Icons signify?

5.png The blue E icon is your e-Portfolio.

6.png The brown S icon is a section in your e-Portfolio.

7.png The purple P is a page in your e-Portfolio.

8.png The green M is a module on a section or page in your e-Portfolio.

9.pngAn icon with a red indicator signifies backup content available.

The section title, page title and module type will display next to the icons to make it easy for you to organize your e-Portfolio.

What do the Copy and Preview options do?

As you hover over a section, page or module, you’ll see an option to copy or preview.

The copy option will duplicate the section, page or module.

The preview option will open up the section or page in a new browser window so that you can view it before making changes.

(Before Copy)

(After Copy)

How do I move the sections, pages or modules in my e-Portfolio?

To move a section, page or module simply drag and drop it in to a new location in the tree. A line will appear across the tree to show you where it will be dropped. You can drag and drop sections, pages and modules within a single e-Portfolio or you can drag and drop and drop sections, pages and modules between two e-Portfolios.

When you are done organizing your e-Portfolio simply click on the Home link at the top of the page to return to your homepage.

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