e-Portfolio Display Issue Update

As you may be aware, we experienced a database problem while performing a relatively routine upgrade the night of Thanksgiving day. Many schools have not been affected, others have been affected very minimally. The good news is that no data was lost. But the bad news is that it is a very complex project to restore the database and merge all the new and incoming data at the same time for those users who were affected.

It appears that all the affected e-Portfolios were those that had page updates that were made between 12:00am (EST) 11/25 and 11:00pm (EST) 11/29. More recent updates to those e-Portfolios have also been affected, which is why we have been advising users to refrain from making additional updates to affected e-Portfolios. All data created outside of that timeframe is not affected and will not be affected. We are working to restore data created within those five days, while retaining new data that users have created in their affected e-Portfolios. Some more tests are being done on this right now. Our team has been working in shifts around the clock since Thanksgiving and it looks like we are on our last stretch right now.

Unfortunately, what we are doing is quite complex. It is hard tell exactly how long it will take, but we will let everyone know as soon as we have a confirmed timeline. When we have completed this work, all the missing data or data that has been moved to other areas will go back to where they were. We will be more than happy to work with individual users (and administrators) on any questions they have about their restored e-Portfolios.

We realize now that we should not have attempted an upgrade of this nature during the semester, and can assure you that we will never do so again. We are also working on improving the nature of our communication with users and administrators so that information can be shared more easily. Meanwhile, we will continue to post updates at: http://support.digication.com/forums/127822-announcements We encourage you to subscribe to the announcements forum by creating an account at our help desk and then clicking the subscribe link in the forum.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at: support@digication.com We are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience to our users at this busy time of year, and incredibly grateful for the patience you have shown as we work to restore your e-Portfolios!

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