New Feature: Password Protected ePortfolios

Hello Friends!

One of the most requested features we've been asked about is the ability to make an ePortfolio password protected. This would allow users to keep their ePortfolios inaccessible to the general public, but allow for select individuals and groups who do not have Digication credentials to use a simple password to gain access. Today, we're proud to announce that this feature is now available for all our customers. While it is currently being offered as an optional feature, it will become standard across all production systems on 1/1/16.

Here's how it works!

While in ePortfolio settings, under "Permissions" you will see that clicking on the "Private within Your School" or the "Public" option will give you a drop down that will ask: if you'd like the ePortfolio to show in a school's directory, assign it to a specific category within a directory, or require a password for access.

Clicking on "Require a password for access" will give you a field to type in a password of your choice.

Once the password has been entered and saved, any user who attempts to navigate to your ePortfolio will be given the following prompt and will have to enter the password you've provided to them and click "Submit" in order to view its content.

Please note: If you would like someone without a Digication account to view a password protected ePortfolio, it will need to first be set to Public and then have the password option set.

We hope that this new addition our ePortfolio permission settings will allow users to have more flexibility in how they manage and present their portfolios to various audiences. If you would like to use this feature at your school before it becomes standard, please email us at so we can turn it on for you.

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