Digication Support for OneDrive Embeds

Now you can embed your OneDrive files in ePortfolios!

The process of embeddingOneDrive files (e.g. Excel Sheets, Documents, or PowerPoint Presentations) involves a few easy steps.

1) Users need to start by initiating the Add a Module process. On the Add a Module menu users must select one of the desired tabs displayed on the left-hand side of the menu:Image/Video/Audio; Rich Text; or Gallery.

After making the desired selection, click on the Add this Module button found on the right hand side in the lower corner of the module window. This will create the new module in which the desired OneDrive file will be uploaded.

2) The next step requires users to go to theirOneDrive window and select the file they wish to upload. After selecting the relevant file (Excell Web App, Document, PowerPoint presentation), users must copy the file link URL.

3) Switch back to the ePortfolio view and click the Replace this Media button of the newly created module.

new window will appear entitled My Assets. Select the Media from Web (new) tab found on the left-hand side at the top of the window. This will display a box in which you can paste the file link URL.

4) Click Preview to view yourOneDrive uploaded file, and to end the preview, click the Done button at the lower left-hand side corner of the window.

5) Your desiredOneDrive file is now embedded in your ePortfolio and you can see it in your regular ePortfolio view.

If you wish to upload moreOneDrive files you only need to repeat the steps above and enrich your ePortfolio with any other SkyDrive files you may need.

We hope our OneDrive users will enjoy this convenient enhancement of our embed features.

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