Notification Regarding Template ePortfolios Editing Options

Digication has created a new notification that informs users that a system-wide template ePortfolio or a course ePortfolio template cannot be edited or deleted. This is intended to prevent any inadvertent deletions or modifications of existing template ePortfolios.

To ensure that a template ePortfolio is not modified and to view the relevant notification, please, follow the steps below:

For Course Templates:

In theCourses optionof your dashboard,select the courseyou want to offer as a template. In the chosen course window, select theePortfolios taband then click theManage Access button. You will be immediately redirected to a new window where you can view theTemplate menufor your course. Select theYes optionfrom the Template menu, thus agreeing to offer your course as a template to your students. Save your work by clicking on theSavebutton.

A new window will open in which you can view your template ePortfolio. Click on the newly createdtemplate ePortfolioand you can view in the new windowthe notificationthat announces thatthetemplate ePortfolio cannot be modified

For System-wide template ePortfolios:

Start by selecting theePortfoliosoption from the drop down menu found in theAdministrationview on the left hand side. A new drop down menu will open up under the ePortfolio option. Click on theTemplatescategory and enter thecustomized URLof the desired course ePortfolio in theAdd a Templatebox.

Click theAddbutton. The newly created Template ePortfolio can be now viewed in theTemplatessection of the ePortfolios menu.

Once the system-wide Course ePortfolio Template is created it may not be edited and  becomes a template option for new ePortfolios under theChoose a Templatecategory in Create an ePortfolio view.

We hope these updates will increase your satisfaction with our platform!

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