Scheduled maintenance on Feb.16 from 4am-4:30am EST

Hello Digication Community,

Digication will be performing scheduled maintenance on Feb.16 from 4am-4:30am EST.  The service will be unavailable during this time period. 

You may be wondering why there is so much maintenance going on recently. Digication is working very hard to ensure that we have a very stable, high-performing front end and backend system. We are carrying out additional technology audits, running system performance checks, and testing hardware and database configurations. We have always done this testing but will be doing so more regularly. Most of the auditing and testing we are doing does not require any downtime. However, we do occasionally need to turn the service off for a brief period so that we can run tests without new data coming in from end users.

This data audit will not affect your data in any way. We will temporarily turn off our web servers, and run tests on our database servers to make sure that our backup processes and data replication processes are correct. This is a “read only” operation on the production data, which means that no data will be changed on the production servers at all.

Kind regards,

Your friends at Digication

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