e-Portfolio Restoration Update

Dear User Community,

Thank you for bearing with us through this process. Here is an update to our restoration process.

We have completed Phase 1 of our restoration process and automatically restored a large number of affected e-Portfolios that had not been updated since 11/24. There is no action required by the users. Their e-Portfolios will simply appear corrected.

Next, we will move on to Phase 2, in which we distribute backup versions of affected e-Portfolios. This will begin very soon and users should see their backup versions within a 24 hour period.

Testing has revealed that while there are a number of users with very obvious display issues such as missing information or information showing up on the wrong page, many more affected pages appear completely untouched from a user’s perspective. “Invisible” changes include things like a shift in the datestamp or a missing empty module. We are finding that across our system most of the affected e-Portfolios have these kinds of invisible changes.

We have made great progress with the new e-Portfolio Organizer tool. It is a feature our users have wanted for a long time. We are very happy to report that it is on schedule to be released concurrently with these backups.

End users being provided with backups will receive an email letting them know affected areas so that they can review those pages. Those pages will also be automatically highlighted within the e-Portfolio Organizer tool. Users will also be provided with a clear and obvious message alerting them of their new backups when they login to Digication. 

Documentation for the new e-Portfolio Organizer tool as well as an overall FAQ will be distributed to admins first and then made available to end users to download directly from within Digication and our online support desk.

Not all schools have been affected, but for those who were, we are compiling lists of your users who have affected e-Portfolios, and we will follow up with those lists in the next few hours.

Once again, we would like to thank our users and administrators for their patience and understanding during this very difficult time. We are so very sorry for the frustration and inconvenience experienced by the Digication community.

Kind regards,

The Digication Team

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