Updates to Assessment by Standard Reports 4/5/2017

Dear Digication Administrators,
We are writing today to let you know that we're in the process of making some improvements to our reporting. The changes detailed below apply to the "Assessment by Standard" reports.
Multiple Faculty for a single course are contained in a single cell
The first thing you'll notice is that data that used to export across multiple rows, like Faculty in a course that has multiple instructors, will now be contained in one cell. This will allow you to work with your data more easily and help prevent misaligned data after sorting.

'Assessment by Standards' and the 'Run Report' button now produce the same report
We've also fixed an inconsistency in what was included in the "Assessment by Standard" reports. Previously, clicking on the title of a saved report produced a different report than clicking on the "Run report" button. We've updated those links so that they both produce the same report.
Cells that have no data to display will now display 'NULL'
In past reports, if a cell was left blank, that meant there was no data to display. Now, those cells will display the value 'NULL' instead. This change provides an additional datapoint that can be assessed and it lets you know that the absence of other data in the cell is intentional.

Displayed cell data is truncated instead of overlapping the following cells
Previously, if a cell contained more data than can be displayed in the current cell width, the data would continue to flow past the cell boundary. Feedback from the community let us know that this made data review more difficult, so we implemented this change to help display the information more uniformly.

An important note:If you exported administrative "Assessment by Standard" reports after September 20th, 2016 which included per-row rubric comments, you may have discovered display issues with the data contained in these reports. The changes detailed above resolve those display issues. You may wish to re-export reports created after September 20th, 2016.
We will continue to update reporting functionality to allow greater flexibility when exporting reports – we'll provide additional documentation at that time of the user interface changes you'll see when those improvements are implemented.
Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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