Coming Soon: Auto-Saving of My e-Portfolios Filter Options

Hello friends, 

Since making the most recent changes to how “My e-Portfolios” displays by default, we’ve received another round of feedback from our users asking if we could add the ability for filters to be saved so that that the same ePortfolios will display for a user whenever they return to their dashboard view on the home page. This would allow the user to specify which ePortfolios they wanted to appear under “My e-Portfolios” only once instead of having to set it every time they returned to their home pages.

We’re very happy to announce that tomorrow we’re enabling the ability for all users to do just that! It’s our hope that this will make managing the the ePortfolios that display under “My e-Portfolios” more user-friendly and intuitive moving forward.

As always, please feel free to contact us atsupport@digication.comif you have any questions, comments or concerns about this update.

Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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