Customizing Your ePortfolios Background Color & Image

Availability: Mid-October, 2013

To customize the background color or background image you will need to open the new or existing ePortfolio’s theme editing tools. Click on the Customize button to view the theme editing tools.

Then, select the desired background color from the color palette and any background image you desire by uploading your favorite image file. Position the image as you wish and preview your ePortfolio’s new look by clicking on the Preview button

When you are fully satisfied with your changes, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You can click the Create ePortfolio button for a new ePortfolio or the Save button for an existing ePortfolio.

If you want to continue to make changes to your ePortfolio theme, you need only to go to the ePortfolio Tools menu and select the Settings option. Then you can go through the same steps of customization until you are happy with what you see. Don’t forget to save your changes each time you update your theme.

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