New Feature: Update to "My e-Portfolios" Listing

Hello friends, 

We're very excited to announce some changes which we believe will greatly improve the way in which users view ePortfolios with different permissions.

"My e-Portfolios" has always shown users the ePortfolios that they themselves have created as well as ePortfolios which have been shared directly with them (as opposed to being shared within courses). In some instances this has caused a bit of clutter and confusion once the number of ePortfolios shared directly with the user exceeds a certain display limit.

To mitigate this issue we have now included a way of filtering which ePortfolios display in "My e-Portfolios" so that users can determine which ePortfolios will appear in that area of the dashboard upon logging in. This filtering option will allow users to customize their display through filtering by type (whether the ePortfolio was created by them, shared with them, or ePortfolios they're subscribed to), permissions (by level of access) and also, by specific course.

We hope that this new capability will prove useful to those with a large number of ePortfolios that they've created and been given access to. The feature will push to all systems in two weeks on 02/29/2016.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at to give us any feedback regarding this new feature or ask any questions you may have about it as well.

Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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