Digication Dashboard Updates: July 27

Digication Dashboard Updates

This release brings both new features and a few interface updates. Read on for more details:

(Wondering what the Dashboard is? See our initial release announcement to get the back story: https://support.digication.com/entries/21672032-new-digication-dashboard-beta-release )

New Features

We're excited to announce the ability toreply to an e-Portfolio page directly from the new Digication Dashboard. If an e-Portfolio page allows comments and allows those comments to show immediately, you and your community can add comments to that page with ease - just click, type and press "Reply".

(For more detail on the reply from the Dashboard feature and a help guide, please see: https://support.digication.com/entries/21759302-new-digication-dashboard-feature-reply-from-dashboard )

We've alsoadded new content on your My Updates feed- now both user comments and published e-Portfolio updates appear in your activity feed!

New Create Button

We've changed the look of our Create button. Our new Create button is a green square containing a white plus sign, inviting users to add new e-Portfolios (or Courses, for faculty members).

Less Default Text

In order to cut down on visual clutter and confusion, we've also removed some of the default text indicating that a user doesn't have content in a particular area. 

Updated Interface

Here's a view of the full updated interface:

Stay tuned for more updates to the new Dashboard!

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